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The International Association for Archaeological Research in Western & Central Asia is aimed to establish a worldwide link between scholars, to defend the archaeological discipline and its scientists, to propose a number of services (informing, encouraging joint projects, mentoring promising students, advising international organizations).

This new international association will be steered by a democratically elected Board, with a limited-time mandate, through a transparent process including all the regularly affiliated members.

The association will propose a general and regular Congress, and a series of regional and transversal workshops at venues decided by its members and Executive Board.

  • Acting as an advisory body as concerns contacts with UNO, UNESCO, ICOMOS, ICCROM, WMF, …
  • Proposing a dialogue with sister associations
  • Advising as concerns any matter related to its scientifical and social objectives
  • Promoting an ethics charter, valid for archaeology and its related disciplines
  • Encouraging publication
  • Proposing archaeological fieldwork training or other activities addressed to students
  • Encouraging career development for students and mentoring the most promising ones
  • Defending affiliates in difficult circumstances
  • Providing assistance to colleagues and students of countries in state of war
  • Recommending international project funding
  • Contacting the press and producing press releases
  • Encouraging international cooperation and projects, including their publication
  • Assuring the coverage of international projects supported by the association
  • Encouraging the share of information between the archaeological missions and the host countries
  • Promoting the social and environmental sustainability of the archaeological research