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The International Association for Archaeological Research in Western & Central Asia is aimed to establish a worldwide link between scholars, to defend the archaeological discipline and its scientists, to propose a number of services (informing, encouraging joint projects, mentoring promising students, advising international organizations).

This new international association will be steered by a democratically elected Board, with a limited-time mandate, through a transparent process including all the regularly affiliated members.

The association will propose a general and regular Congress, and a series of regional and transversal workshops at venues decided by its members and Executive Board.

  • Acting as an advisory body as concerns contacts with UNO, UNESCO, ICOMOS, ICCROM, WMF, …
  • Proposing a dialogue with sister associations
  • Advising as concerns any matter related to its scientifical and social objectives
  • Promoting an ethics charter, valid for archaeology and its related disciplines
  • Encouraging publication
  • Proposing archaeological fieldwork training or other activities addressed to students
  • Encouraging career development for students and mentoring the most promising ones
  • Defending affiliates in difficult circumstances
  • Providing assistance to colleagues and students of countries in state of war
  • Recommending international project funding
  • Contacting the press and producing press releases
  • Encouraging international cooperation and projects, including their publication
  • Assuring the coverage of international projects supported by the association
  • Encouraging the share of information between the archaeological missions and the host countries
  • Promoting the social and environmental sustainability of the archaeological research
As an international association of scholars and advanced students, ARWA aims to promote and encourage the collaboration of scientists from all countries through initiatives that contribute to the progress of archaeological research and related disciplines. ARWA wholly and unequivocally endorses the principles of academic freedom and rejects any kind of discrimination based on age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, disability (physical, mental, behavioral, developmental), language or any other discriminatory factor. ARWA also rejects any attempts at historical revisionism or rewriting, consciously or unconsciously, biased past history.