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Mentoring Discussion Group

Through the ARWA structures, the Mentoring Liaison Group (M-LG) will promote inclusive mentoring across the archaeologies and regional aspects of ARWA. Mentoring for professionalization includes many levels of depth, multiple formats, and a wide range of participants beyond formal academic students and structures. The M-LG will propose mechanisms and develop resources to support mentoring interconnected with the membership and communications of ARWA.

We define mentoring for this group to be human support for professionalization in ARWA archaeologies and heritage management. While liaison with education (e.g., ARWA online curriculum, universities) is desirable, ARWA mentoring focuses on free access to professional participation over archaeological content. ARWA offers a rich crucible for mentoring of many types, including and expanding on institutionally-based academic mentoring. Mentoring clusters link mentoring relationships around many dimensions, such as skills, cultural and educational experiences, and professional levels.

Goals of the Mentoring LG

  • To foster the professionalization of archaeologists and other participants in ARWA regions
  • To foster inclusive participation in ARWA archaeologies, e.g., nationality, experiences, educational level and preparation, professional status, gender, etc.
  • To connect peers and mentor-mentees across different regions and experiences


  • To access and build with the interconnectedness of ARWA for effective mentoring
  • To provide resources and support for mentoring (mechanisms)
  • To encourage multiple mentoring strategies, e.g., Informal, Formal one-on-one, Clusters, Peer groups, Short & Long-term mentoring commitments
  • To develop an ARWA Sponsorship and visibility to recognize mentors’ service, encourage further mentoring, and make mentoring visible to potential mentees

Methods and mechanisms discussed

  • Survey the ARWA membership for mentoring needs/requests/expectations and to
  • Assess the current state of mentoring across ARWA constituencies
  • Expand participation in the M-LG and Mentoring Committee; a general call for participation
  • Encourage universities and other institutions to host students and colleagues temporarily in exile (from upheaval in their home countries)
  • Include students in the Mentoring Committee and at least one student in the M-LG
  • Research mentoring resources (websites, academic and professional plans and procedures)
  • Develop tools for the ARWA website, including mechanisms for connectivity and resources for mentoring.

For example

  • Amend common templates such as the Individual Development Plan template in consideration of the particular constituencies and needs within ARWA; post these for free access
  • Open a website interface for mentoring
  • Post a contact list for mentoring
  • Match mentor-mentees and clusters
  • Schedule mentoring webinars (introduce tools, encourage participation)
  • Acknowledge mentors using an organization platform for recognizing mentoring, e.g., an ARWA award group, certificate, website honor roll, etc