Historical Maps

Historical Maps


The History of the World : Every Year

Ollie Bye, The Mapping Community, 2016.

Music: C21FX, Nick Phoenix, Thomas Bergersen, Immediate Music, Antti Martikainen.


The Ancient Middle East: Every Year

Ollie Bye 2020.

Music: Jon Summer, Constellate, Bonnie Grace.


The History of Anatolia: Every Year

Khey Pard, 2018.

Music: Civilization V.


The History of India : Every Year

Ollie Bye, 2016.


Track 1:Rajas of India (CK2 Soundtrack)
Track 2: From East to Farther East (CK2)
Track 3: Crack your head with a tabla (Medieval 2)
Track 4: Waterflame – Glorious Morning

We assume that these dynamic videos, whose main interest is connecting cultures and civilizations, still might be enhanced by our ARWA community.
If interested, please contact the ARWA administrators.