ARWA Webinars

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Aiming at encouraging the share of information and the promotion of the archaeological research, ARWA association, thanks to its members’ efforts, will offer free interactive and on-demand webinars on a wide spectrum of topics related to archaeology. ARWA webinars will be based on themes of timely interest, including special topics in the Archaeological Research in Western & Central Asia, and will be organized by the Liaison Groups of the association, through the Communication Unit. Up to date and user-friendly platforms will be used for the live events (pre-registration might be required), while the on-demand webinars will be easily accessible from the website and main social media accounts.

ARWA webinars will be an invaluable resource and an important occasion for live discussion and interaction with and within the ARWA academic community. Above all ARWA webinars will be accessible everywhere and by everybody in their on-demand version, becoming a unique tool for isolated, segregated or in exile scholars and students.

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