How to Affiliate?

How to Affiliate Top

Yearly Affiliation (2021)


The membership dues are:

Professional: 40€
Post-Doc: 30€
PhD Student: 20€
MA: 10€

Free of charge membership (for the year 2021) is granted to the professionals and students, nationals of (or foreigners currently working in) the following countries: Egypt, Israel, Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iraq (including Kurdish regional government), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrein, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, Mongolia. This charge exemption is also granted to the colleagues and students, nationals of WCA countries who are in exile, refugees or stateless persons. The herunder form nevertheless needs to be filled in and sent for assuring an official registration.

New members must send the herunder form. All the members (WCA and others) who are already registered do not need to register again through the herunder form. They can check their data on the listing of current affiliates (after having asked the password to an administrator).

How to Become a Member:

Please fill out the application form or send a typed letter of application to the President. Of course, an applicant can pay for more than one year, the administrative year of the Association coincides with the calendar year.

A member is admitted to ARWA only after he/she has paid the dues for the current year and associated expenses. When the applicant has been accepted his/her name will be added to the Members list.

Payment Methods
• SEPA bank transfer (Single Euro Payment Area). Best for members living in the EU and countries that use Euro and SEPA bank transfer.
• Paypal. Pay via your PayPal account.
• Due to the high transfer costs we don’t accept checks

I am involved, as a student or a professional, in the following discipline(s):

Geographical area(s) of predilection:

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