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Earthquake tragedy in Türkiye and Syria

February 8th, 2023

The human toll is awful, the magnitude of the damages is huge. We extend our most sincere condolences to the families of the victims and all the suffering people. We ask for volunteers in the affected regions for documenting any damages sustained by museums, historical buildings, monuments, archaeological sites, collections of artefacts, libraries. Please contact


Message sent to the ARWA Community concerning the situation in Ukraine

March 14th, 2022


Ukraine is currently fighting to defend its territory, independence, and democratic regime against invading troops from nearby countries. This unprovoked invasion triggers countless tragic situations.

Meanwhile, in Belarus and Russia, many colleagues and students react against this tragic war that most of us consider a painful recollection of past European history. Some of those colleagues and students decide to leave their native country in reaction to the decisions of their leaders and the measures of intimidation.

ARWA cannot remain insensitive and callous in front of such human drama. Our international association, neutral by nature and mission, cannot take any political standpoint but, as free and conscious individuals, we at ARWA can do our best to help our friends, colleagues and brothers in danger and despair.

Animated by exclusively humanitarian reasons while calling for the respect of the international law and resolutions, and hoping for the restoration of peace as soon as possible, ARWA encourages its members to provide assistance to refugee colleagues and students from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, and their families, while waiting to be hosted by foreign national organizations and institutions. ARWA has contacts in Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, and can facilitate this support.

ARWA will seek to participate in the efforts of other institutions in order to maintain university links to students and colleagues forced into exile, and will draw attention of the international organizations to the richness of the Ukrainian heritage that is currently in grave danger.

ARWA assures our colleagues, teachers and students, confronted with this alarming situation of its total support and will remain receptive to any call from our Eastern European friends.


The ARWA Administrators


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Message to Beirut