Online Academy

Online Archaeology

Mission Statement

The purpose of the ARWA Online Academy is to utlize the resources available in the network of affiliated specialists to run a series of online thematic courses and training workshops and make them available to the public. The intention is to bring knowledge of the ancient and historic past of the ARWA regions to the broader public, expand access to younger students and to supplement the education of university students and advanced academics. Furthermore, the Online Academy seeks to provide international access to the entire range of multivocal perspectives on the past and cross regional, cultural and national barriers.

The ARWA Online Academy will provide educational materials to address each of the branches included in the ARWA organization.

The ARWA Online Academy will provide a continuum between state-of-the-art acedemic research, university education and general public engagement with the subjects related to ARWA. These self-contained courses can act as a formal or informal supplement to existing school and/or university programmes and can also be used by school teachers or university lecturers as supplemental materials addressing specific topics in ancillary studies. These courses can go toward personal enrichment for the avocational interested public, engaged with young people who have little access to information or guidance on these subjects or can align with ongoing courses at major universities filling gaps that might exist in current curricula.