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Your Projects

This page is aimed to present your project(s). If you are in search of support (financial, scientifical, publishing) or if you seek to provide general information about your current or future research activities, please send us a .pdf to the following address:

This section is available for colleagues and students, members of ARWA.
If interested in providing information, please respect the following requirements and present your project in a single .pdf, with a caption clearly mentioning your name and the title of the project (not exceeding 60 characters).

Your document should comprise:

  • an introduction with a summary of max. 1200 characters + spaces.
  • a description of the project: 4 pp max.
  • colour photos and map(s): 4 pp max.
  • a budget: 1 p (optional)
  • need of external support (financial and/or scientifical): 1 p (optional)
  • need of publisher (optional)

A LG Coordinator and an Administrator will review your document and agree or not on its publication in this website section.

We hope this will contribute to international cooperation and solidarity.


Indigenous communities in the mountains, from prehistory to the present; the first report of archaeological and ethnoarchaeological studies in Sefidkuh Makran
(southeast of Iran – Baluchistan), by Hossein Vahedi.

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