Archaeology in Action

Archaeology in Action Lectures

A large and comprehensive programme of lectures

  • A programme of 8 yearly online lectures, centred on the archaeology in each ARWA region, history & philology, art history and bioarchaeology (Aegean & SW Balkans, N. Pontic & SE Balkans, Anatolia, Levant, N. & S. Caucasus, Mesopotamia, Arabian Peninsula, Iran/Afghanistan, Central Asia, Greater Indus, Eurasian Palaeolithic & Epipalaeolithic, Art History & Visual Studies, Bioarchaeology, History & Philology);
  • Organised at regular intervals by colleagues in coordination with the administrators;
  • Lectures of 45’ / 60’, followed by questions and debate;
  • Open to specialists and students of all the disciplines linked to Archaeology;
  • Through the Zoom or any other professional platform, recorded and archived on YouTube;
  • Accessible live or downloadable through links on the ARWA website (Online Academy – Archaeology in Action);
  • The organisers are in charge for 12 months ;
  • Each lecture will be announced through the Agade listing a few days in advance;
  • Free of charge.

Organizers of the 2023 Cycles of Lectures

Click on the icon below and you will get the YouTube links to the respective lectures. The summaries of these lectures are appended to the video descriptions.

ARWA Youtube
Anatolia : Mehmet Işıklı & Oğuz Aras Lectures
Levant : Marco Iamoni Lectures
N. & S. Caucasus : Elena Rova & Alessandra Gilibert Lectures
Mesopotamia : Barbara Couturaud & Jaafar Jotheri Lectures
Arabian Peninsula : Stephanie Döpper & Conrad Schmidt Lectures
Iran / Afghanistan : Hassan Fazeli Nashli & Kyle Olson  Lectures
Central Asia: – Kai Kaniuth & Lynne M. Rouse Lectures
Greater Indus : Ute Franke & V. N. Prabhakar Lectures
Aegean, circum-Aegean & SW Balkans : Ourania Kouka & Milena Gosic Lectures
N. Pontic & SE Balkans : Bisserka Gaydarska Lectures
Bioarchaeology: Alexia Decaix & Nina Maaranen Lectures
History & Philology: Franco D’Agostino &Sergio Alivernini  Lectures
Art History & Visual Studies : Paul Collins Lectures