Archaeology in Action

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A large and comprehensive programme of lectures

  • A programme of 16 yearly online lectures (12 in 2021), centred on the archaeology in each ARWA region (East Aegean & Anatolia, Levant, Caucasus, Mesopotamia, Arabian Peninsula, Iran/Afghanistan, Western Central Asia, Indus);
  • Organized at regular intervals by a local colleague in coordination with the administrators and the members of the board;
  • Lectures of 60’, summary of 10’ in the language of the country, followed by questions and debate;
  • Open to specialists of all the disciplines linked to Archaeology, in its widest sense;
  • Through the Zoom or any other professional platform, recorded and archived;
  • Accessible live or downloadable through links on the ARWA website (Online Academy – Archaeology in Action);
  • The organizers will be in charge for 12 months (10 months in 2021) and will join the Online Academy Unit during their mandate;
  • Each lecture will be announced on the Agade listing and on the ARWA website;
  • Free of charge.

Organizers of the 2021 Cycles of Lectures

  • East Aegean/Anatolia: Vasıf Şahoğlu,
  • Levant: Tara Steimer & Sebastiano Soldi,
  • Caucasus: Sabine Reinhold & Giulio Palumbi,
  • Mesopotamia: Salam al-Kuntar & Mark Altaweel,
  • Arabian Peninsula: Lloyd Weeks & Khaled Douglas,
  • Iran/Afghanistan: Zahra Kouzehgari,
  • Western Central Asia: Benjamin Mutin & Farhod Razzoqov,
  • Indus: Cameron Petrie,
  • Bioarchaeology: Arwa Kharobi.