Archaeology in Action

Archaeology in Action Lectures

A large and comprehensive programme of lectures

  • A programme of 12 yearly online lectures, centred on the archaeology in each ARWA region (East Aegean & Anatolia, Levant, Caucasus, Mesopotamia, Arabian Peninsula, Iran/Afghanistan, Western Central Asia, Indus);
  • Organized at regular intervals by a local colleague in coordination with the administrators and the members of the board;
  • Lectures of 60’, summary of 10’ in the language of the country, followed by questions and debate;
  • Open to specialists of all the disciplines linked to Archaeology, in its widest sense;
  • Through the Zoom or any other professional platform, recorded and archived;
  • Accessible live or downloadable through links on the ARWA website (Online Academy – Archaeology in Action);
  • The organizers will be in charge for 12 months (10 months in 2021) and will join the Online Academy Unit during their mandate;
  • Each lecture will be announced on the Agade listing and on the ARWA website;
  • Free of charge.

Organizers of the 2021 Cycles of Lectures

Click on the icon below and you will get the YouTube links to the respective lectures. The summaries of these lectures are appended to the video descriptions.

ARWA Youtube
East Aegean/Anatolia: Vasıf Şahoğlu,
Levant: Tara Steimer & Sebastiano Soldi,
Caucasus: Sabine Reinhold & Giulio Palumbi,
Mesopotamia: Salam al-Kuntar & Mark Altaweel,
Arabian Peninsula: Lloyd Weeks & Khaled Douglas,
Iran/Afghanistan: Zahra Kouzehgari,
Western Central Asia: Benjamin Mutin & Farhod Razzoqov,
Indus: Cameron Petrie,
Bioarchaeology: Arwa Kharobi.

Please click on the herunder icon for knowing the scheduled lectures (in progress), and further events, whose links will be communicated in due time on Agade.