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The ARWA podcasts aim at providing a wide range of professional videos and podcasts on a variety of topics of interest to the Association. These include archaeology, history, written sources, environmental studies, and cultural heritage issues. The videos are in the form of documentaries, conference or lecture records, presentations, tutorials and scientific cartoons. The selected podcasts present approved-quality content of educational level and professional academic presentations of the most up-to-date research as well as videos popularizing Western and Central Asian archaeological topics.

In order to facilitate the search, videos are organized according to discipline, area and period. Keywords are provided to help with topic identification. All the videos are freely accessible online through the ARWA website.

We kindly invite you to recommend to us verified and legit videos or podcasts that can be broadcasted publicly on the ARWA website. You have the possibility to add your own recommendations, either individually (as an ARWA member) or collectively (as a Liaison Group), sending the podcast or video link(s) (URL addresses only) to the Podcast team either through the blank file provided herunder, or to the following entry box, or again through this address :

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