Video Arwards


An international contest of amateur video films / Guidelines

– Open to amateur video makers of any nationality;

– On a topic linked to the archaeology (all disciplines as detailed on the ARWA website: and history of the regions included in the ARWA geographical range (from the Danube to the Indus, from the Red Sea to the Altai);

– Consisting in the production and release of a 5’ to 50’ video film;

– Presented in any standard format, compatible with YouTube,

– With comments and dialogues in any language,

– On the express condition that – if not in English – these dialogues and comments are translated and subtitled or voice-over in English.

– The video releases must have been produced between May 2020 and January 2024;

– The video film proposal must reach the following address before January 1st 2024:

– The video release must be sent to the following address before March 31st 2024:

– A prize money will be constituted by ARWA (1500€) and further sponsors (500€ each), with the aim to reach 5000€ in total;

– The jury will be composed by six ARWA regular members, a professional videographer, and representatives of the co-sponsors.

– Their choices will be based on three main criteria: technical quality of the movie, quality of the scientific comments, importance of its humanistic approach and vision.

– This jury will reward in June 2024 three productions (signed by a person, a team, or an association) considered as the best ones for promoting and advertising our disciplines to a wide audience,

– While keeping a high scientific level and defending humanistic ideals.

– The prizes will be attributed provided that 10 video films at a minimum have been registered before the deadline by the contest organisers.

– The contest will be advertised on several platforms including ARWA FlashInfo and website, Agade, and the own platforms of the co-sponsors.

– The names of the sponsors will be quoted in each message in relation to the event.

– The awarded video films will be posted on the ARWA YouTube channel.

If interested in taking part to this event as a video maker (person, team or association) or as representing a co-sponsoring association/organisation, please download the specific following document.

Participation Form (Sponsor)               Participation Form (Participant)

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