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ARWA – IC Congress Format Proposal

Summarizing received questionnaire forms


Organized in a country where archaeology is taught, where free access or/and visa is granted to colleagues and students of all nationalities, where security measures are guaranteed by the organizers and the legal authorities, where social and political stability is granted.

Organized under the responsibility of an institution recognized by the ARWA Executive Board.

Biennial (every other year, alternately with ICAANE).

Limited in size, what might be evident due to the single theme of the event and the single audience hall.

4 days devoted to papers,
½ day for the Poster Session and the final Business Meeting (finance report, secretary report, EB & Committee selection, choice of the next venue, general information, closing speech).

A registration fee will be asked from the participants and attendees. Its reasonable amount will be decided by the venue organizers. The Executive Board has the right to oversee the fee amount proposed by the organizers. A reduced fee will be asked for PhD and MA students, and for other categories of attendees if needed. Free admission can be granted on special and motivated request.

A certificate of participation will be delivered to the participants and attendees, only upon request.

Venue Location & Theme

Decided two years in advance by the Executive Board after the submission of proposal(s). In case of several proposed options, the issue is decided at the previous business meeting by a public vote (50% vote ratio for the audience, 50% vote ratio for the Executive Board).

The theme must be relevant to all disciplines represented in the association. Creativity is thus required. Interregional character, or longue durée / long distance topics are highly recommended.

Venue Format

1 Audience Hall + 1 Poster Hall.

Main Theme Audience Hall
12/13 papers / day x 4 days = 50 papers

Poster Hall
Mission Reports, Archaeological News, Discoveries & Projects (all Liaison Groups). max. 100 posters

Other Topics
max. 100 posters

= 200 posters (± 25 papers/regional group) : research teams, advanced students.
A total of max. 250 contributions (30 contributions/regional group).The contributions are selected six months before the event by the various Liaison Groups (archaeology, art history, life sciences, …). The selection must be approved by the Executive Board.

Business Meeting / General Assembly

Last day of the Congress. Presided by the Administrators.

Discussion relevant to the aims of the association, announcement of international projects, next Congress venue proposals, announcement of election results, and other business matters. Additional points to be discussed can be proposed by the members at the latest one month at the latest before the date of the business meeting. The Administrators have the right to discard incongruous, irrelevant or inappropriate points. The agenda of the meeting is communicated to the ARWA members 15 days before the Congress and to other attendees the first day of the Congress.

Acts of the Congress

Edited by the Venue Organizers, and strictly reserved to the papers (not the posters) directly linked to the main theme, each paper limited to max. 15 A4 pages (incl. illustrations).

The general Publisher will be selected by the Executive Board. The timeline of the publication of the volume is limited to 15 months and should be available at the next Congress.


The preceding points will be modified if necessary, in accordance with the non-profit organization legislation of the country hosting the seat of the association.

Flexibility is allowed as long as it respects a fair distribution between the various disciplines, regional groups, and cultural periods (from the Palaeolithic to the end of the Achaemenids). Interregional communications will be most welcome.


June 26, 2020
The Administrators: Hanan Charaf, Barbara Helwing, Marc Lebeau.